11 The benefits of protecting the environment for living health Text3

The benefits of maintaining this environment are very good for the health of human life, and can be a balance between living things. Keeping the natural environment a very high priority with comfort and avoiding various diseases. Some diseases caused by dirty environments such as malaria diarrhea and many more. Some of these methods are carried out individually and cooperatively. see how.

11 The benefits of protecting the environment for living health
11 The benefits of protecting the environment for living health
  1. Dispose of garbage in its place
    Dispose of garbage is not in place to make the environment dirty and there are various diseases. Therefore maintaining cleanliness is very important, namely by removing garbage in its place, not making it in rivers and gutters which makes the flow of water not smooth.
  2. Avoid Wild Cutting
    As much as possible avoid illegal logging of wild forests and can result in deforestation, because with deforestation can cause landslides and others. The solution is to do selective logging and always re-plant the forest (reforestation) to replace the logged forest. With reforestation, the forest will be maintained and the beautiful environment is maintained.
  3. Clean the environment every day
    Cleaning the environment is indeed very important, because with the clean environment the positive impact is to avoid various diseases. The environment includes many aspects, including the natural environment, school environment and home environment. Everything is very important to keep it together. Therefore, it requires cooperation and devotion to clean the environment optimally
  4. Does not damage the surrounding plants
    Damaging is different from rearranging. At this point it is forbidden to damage the surrounding plants, ie plants that do not interfere with daily activities and can be useful. By always maintaining and caring for plants, our actions include protecting the natural environment. In essence these plants are very useful as absorption of carbon dioxide and release enough oxygen for humans.
  5. Do not dispose of chemicals in the river flow
    Disposing of chemicals in the river flow makes river activities and ecosystems look damaged and polluted. As we also know that dumping waste into the river flow causes the river and its surroundings to become smelly, this causes loss of the beauty of the river ecosystem. Therefore, avoid the maximum possible disposal of waste into the river alira.
  6. Replanting deforested forests
    By replacing deforested forests it can create and preserve nature naturally, and become a good ecosystem place. Planting deforested forests is capable of renewing natural resources, planting forests again means a lot, such as planting mangroves, teak forests and so on that are beneficial to human life
  7. Do Select Cutting
    Selecting the impact to avoid landslides, by selective logging can save trees to be cut down. To do selective logging usually requires permission from the government, and I strongly agree because our forests are now almost deforested due to illegal logging and burning of forests to open up plantations and housing and factories.
  8. Looking for fish in the traditional way
    Searching for fish in traditional ways is safe and does not damage fish habitat and ecosystems in water. With the search for fish with bombs and poisons, causing disturbed water ecosystems. Like fishing in a lake is better than using bombs and poisons to find fish, because it will damage the lake ecosystem, as well as in the river.
  9. Planting Trees on the edge of the City road
    Planting trees on the roadside helps to absorb carbon dioxide produced by motorized vehicles. That way will slightly reduce the effects of motor vehicle fumes that can cause an illness
  10. Making terraces in mountainous areas
    The benefit of swales (terasiring) is that there are no landslides that harm the local community. And with the presence of terraces it also makes farmers feel safe because their fields are not susceptible to avalanches.
  11. Reduces the use of chemical fumes
    Chemical smoke is meant by cigarette smoke from factory fumes and others that cause a lot of carbon dioxide that threatens the beauty of nature

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11 The benefits of protecting the environment for living health Text1

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