20 Countries Can Be Visited Without a Visa

There are still countries that don’t need a visa at all, so you can immediately visit there. Some also use the Visa on Arrival (VOA) system. That is, you do not need to take care of a visa before leaving, but simply arrange a direct visa in the country. The following is a list of these countries.

20 Countries Can Be Visited Without a Visa
20 Countries Can Be Visited Without a Visa
  1. ASEAN countries
    It has become a pride because Indonesia is included in ASEAN countries. The reason is really simple. You who have an Indonesian passport, you no longer need to make a visa to vacation in an Asean country. You can visit immediately without thinking about the complicated visa. In between, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, and Myanmar.
  2. Hong Kong
    Want to take a trip to Disneyland, or pretty shopping in Hong Kong? For you Indonesian passport holders, you can go directly to Hong Kong for 30 days without a visa! No need to bother lining up to take care of a visa.
  3. Macau
    Visiting the Asian casino country, while feeling the atmosphere of mixing Asian and European cultures, may be one of your desires when visiting Macau. Just go to Macau, you don’t need to use a visa.
  4. Maldives
    This country which is very famous for its beautiful panorama, is perfect for honeymoon destinations. With clear blue water and the many resorts that float in the blue sea, it will surely make you amazed and want to fly there. You can take a month off on di Paradise Island ’without bothering to take care of your previous visa. Exciting, right?
  5. Japan
    Japan is one of the favorite destinations in Asia. Many people visit Japan to experience first hand the unique culture and culinary delights. If you have an Indonesian e-passport, you can immediately get a visa free for Japan for 15 days. However, you must go to the Japanese consulate first to register your e-passport, at least 3 days before departure. For those of you who have taken care of it, you can use your passport to go to Japan without a visa for 3 years after registration. Cool right?
  6. Nepal
    Intrigued to see the beauty of Mount Everest directly from Nepal? For holders of normal Indonesian passports, you can get 90 visa-free days as Nepalese tourists. Feel the coldness of Mount Everest there, don’t forget to prepare a super thick jacket!
  7. Fiji
    Forget the Maldives for a moment, the country on this small island that is side by side with the Australian and New Zealand, has a very beautiful beach. Fiji has become one of the best places in the world to enjoy the underwater world. Want to linger in this country? Take it easy still, because you can visit this country for 120 days without a visa. Delicious right?
  8. Turkey
    Hearing the name of Turkey, of course you will immediately imagine a hot air balloon in Cappadocia. Want to immediately feel what it’s like to fly with a hot air balloon? No need to come to the Turkish embassy to make a visa, because you can directly register e-visas online. You only need to enter your data on the website, then you can immediately go to Turkey for a month. Steady soul!
  9. India
    Just like Turkey, if you want to take a vacation and feel the typical curry of India, you can register to get an online visa. So you don’t need to be hot to the Indian Embassy.
  10. Jordan
    If you want to feel the heat of the desert and ride a camel from Jordan, you can come directly to Jordan with a managed visa type when you get there. But there are conditions, you must come with a tour group consisting of 5 people and will stay in Jordan for more than 2 days. So before you go there, you should pay attention to this condition.
  11. Serbia
    If you want to visit this country, you must have a valid Schenger or United States visa in advance. If you have permission to stay in the area, you can also directly visit Serbia without a visa for 90 days.
  12. Croatia
    Undoubtedly, Croatia is a paradise for travelers who love nature. Many natural tourist destinations that you can visit to see how beautiful God’s creation is. But unfortunately, those who have the opportunity to visit without a visa, only for holders of diplomatic and service passports. For passport holders, you can fly to visit for 14 days.
  13. Samoa
    Besides Maldives, you can also choose Samoa for your vacation destination. Or if you want to try honeymoon in this country, too. Moreover, you can get 30 visa-free days. An interesting offer isn’t it?
  14. Tanzania
    If you want to see the native habitat of animals in Africa, you can visit Tanzania. You don’t need to have a complicated visa before you leave, because you will take care of the visa directly on arrival at the Tanzania airport. The good news, you can travel there for 30 days.
  15. Kyrgyzstan
    It must be difficult for you to read the name of this country. But if you want to visit here, it’s not as difficult as the name. You don’t need to take a visa before your vacation to this country. For 30 days you can vacation here, you know!
  16. Haiti
    Behind the news of poverty in Haiti, precisely this country saves many tourist destinations that are truly beautiful. Curious right? Try visiting Haiti, you don’t need to use a visa. You can vacation right here for 90 days.
  17. Kenya
    One more country from the continent of Africa is registered as a visa-free country, Kenya. This country is famous for its safari places which are really cool. Before leaving, you only need to register your e-visa on the website. You can be satisfied with your vacation here for 3 months.
  18. Peru
    A vacation to the south of America is incomplete if you don’t stop by Machu Pichu, Peru. You can also find funny animals, Llama. Just relax, if you want to go here, you don’t need to use a visa. Even better because you can visit for 183 days. What are you trying to do?
  19. Armenia
    Visiting Armenia is enough to bring your passport and belongings. You don’t need to make a visa before you leave. Because the visa will be taken care of when arriving at the Armenia airport.
  20. Morocco
    Adjacent to cities in Europe, you can immediately stop by in Morocco, a country in North Africa. Many interesting tourist destinations in the country. For example snow mountains, beaches with slender waves, up to the Sahara desert also exist. Enough to bring your passport and belongings, you can fly to this magical land directly. You will be satisfied around this country for 120 days without a visa.

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