7 Exciting Tourism Ideas with Family in Dubai

Ranging from outdoor sports, cooking classes, to cultural-laden art exhibitions, along with 7 exciting spring events in Dubai, quoted from Dubai Tourism’s written broadcast,

7 Exciting Tourism Ideas with Family in Dubai
7 Exciting Tourism Ideas with Family in Dubai
  1. City tour with virtual guides
    Traveling around the city on foot is one of the best ways to find new and interesting things in this city. Now tourists can do it for free, guided by two sophisticated tourist-specific applications. The two virtual guides are ‘Metro Moment’ (Voice Map application) and ‘Al Fahidi Architecture Tour’ (Pocket Guide application), can be downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play. Both of them use GPS technology that will guide you through audio to various points directly, when you walk from one point to another. This voice guide is available in English, Mandarin and German. Also available in written form, equipped with maps for easy navigation.
  2. Public vehicles for families during holidays
    Don’t worry if you bring your child while on vacation in Dubai, especially when there is heavy traffic due to holidays. The mode of transportation of Taxi Careem provides a vehicle dedicated to the family equipped with a special bench for children with a weight of 30 kg. Drivers are also specially trained with the name ‘Captain Kids Careem’, which can adjust and change the size of a child’s chair, and can also help you keep your family safe and happy. The Careem application can be downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play.
  3. Enjoy the Dubai Special Safari
    One of the must-visit destinations is Dubai Safari. Here you can not only meet a variety of wild and unique animals, but also a series of educational activities on exploration of flora and fauna in the world. Dubai Safari also presents many events on a regular basis, celebrating special days such as World Panda Day and World Frog Day, or thematic adventures such as butterflies.
  4. Learn to cook like a professional
    You can take cooking classes with your family while on vacation at the Culinary Boutique. This place is a cooking school and cafe that also provides classes for certain dishes. This place has an interesting program “Family Day, and the class” Kids Cooking “which is designed for families and young children.
  5. Painting together at Jam Jar Jam Jar is one of the art studios in Dubai, where tourists learn painting. Complete equipment and painting needs are available here. You can paint your best memory in Dubai with your family.
  6. Make your own lego in Legoland Dubai
    One of the recreational spots while studying is in Legoland Dubai, a playground designed specifically for children aged 1-12 years. Inside is Miniland, an area that presents miniatures of famous buildings in Dubai and other corners of the world made of Lego. You can also visit The Factory to see how some products are made, including making Lego.
  7. Adventure in XPark Jr.!

  8. This recently opened tourist destination is also designed for the adventures of little ones and families. Adventure is like in nature but does not rule out safety and comfort. The area right next to XDubai Skatepark Jumeirah, close to Kite Beach has rivers, waterfalls, fountains, trees and parks. Also equipped with tree houses, wooden bridges and nets to climb, sandy play areas, touch zoos, and even “mud kitchens”.

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