9 of the Best Airlines in the World 2019

Reporting from Business Insider, this ranking is based on a survey conducted on 20.36 million travelers in more than 100 different countries.

This survey also involved 335 airlines and the assessment was measured from 49 parameters. Starting from the boarding process to the comfort and quality of airline services. Here’s the list:

9 of the Best Airlines in the World 2019
9 of the Best Airlines in the World 2019
  • Singapore Airlines

This airline has risen in rank from the previous year which was in number two. The standout service of the airline is the pleasant service of the airline. Singapore Airlines also has the best airport in the world as its headquarters.

  • Qatar Airways

Qatar dropped the rank from the previous ranking first. This Doha-based airline has comfortable seating and good entertainment facilities.

  • All Nippon Airways

ANA maintains its ranking this year. This airline is the largest in Japan and home to one of the largest Boeing 787 Dreamliners in the world.

  • Emirates

For the past 30 years, Dubai-based Emirates has grown to become one of the best long-distance airlines in the world. The airline offers the largest fleet of Airbus A380 superjumbo and wide body Boeing 777 jets.

  • Eva Air Taiwan

Founded in 1989, the airline is a business group with the Evergreen Group global shipping giant. The Taipei-based airline is growing rapidly and over the past two decades has operated a large Airbus and Boeing jet fleet.

  • Cathay Pacific

This Hong Kong-based airline dropped one rank from last year. This airline gets high marks for the comfort of its seating, and the quality of services and entertainment that are good in every flight.

  • Lutfhansa

The biggest airline in Europe is praised for its good and even service in almost all products and facilities provided. The airline also has the best business class in Europe

  • Hainan Airlines

Established in 1993, Hainan is one of the Chinese airlines that has five stars from Skytrax. In the last four years the airline has risen from 22nd to 10th.

  • Garuda Indonesia

Garuda rose one rank this year from previously in number 10. The airline is considered to have taken steps to renew and increase the existing fleet, so that the facilities provided increased.

The airline is also famous for its typical Southeast Asian food. Garuda flight attendants are also known to be friendly with good service.

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