Game Night Every Friday Night: Text1

Notes Area
Ref. Game Night Every Friday Night:
Note Featuring Bingo, Cards, Pool, Ping Pong, Wide Screen TV, DVD.
Refreshments including Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, French Fries, Oninion Rings, Soad & Ice Cream, and Decaf Coffee will be available. Note
Ref. Spring Cleaning and Debris Pick Up:
Note All campsite spring clean up debris must be piled at the side of the road by your campsite. The first 3 weekends, please be available to help load the debris from your sites when the truck comes around to you. If we work together this annual chore can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.
If you are not available to assist loading the debris during these times you will be required to load it and remove it to the disposal area yourself.Note
Ref. Soup Making and Pie Baking Contests
Note Soup Making and Pie Baking Contests will have 3 impartial judges. They will taste each soup and pie and choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. The winners will receive a Blue Ribbon for 1st, Red Ribbon for 2nd or White Ribbon for 3rd ribbon not to mention bragging rights.Note

Game Night Every Friday Night:
Game Night Every Friday Night:

Ref. All Dances
Note All Dances shall have a wide variety of music appealing to the diverse tastes of our guests. Note
Ref. All Outdoor Family Movies
Note All outdoor showings will be Family Rated movies and begin promptly at dusk.Note
Ref. Bowling
Note A bus will be provided to go offsite bowling on scheduled bowling Saturdays. Please be at the Rec Hall prior to 7:00 pm bus departure. Note, the cost is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. Fees include 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental and transportation to and from the Bowling AlleyNote
Ref. Judgement Day
Note For Judgement Day: You must buy an arrest warrant for $2.00.
Then fill it out with someone’s name that you want arrested, along with what their offense was.
Our Sheriff will find them, bring those outlaws back for trial and be sentenced to whatever time the judges deem appropriate.
( Not to worry Penalties shall not exceed 5 minutes.)Note
Ref. BBQ Cookout
Note BBQ Ribs, Baked Beans and Beverages (Tickets Required)Note
Ref. Decorate Your Bike & Golf Cart Parade
Note Kids and Adults are invited to participate, winners will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize ribbons.Note
Ref. Box Lunch Auction:
Note Ladies will anonomously prepare yummy lunches, then bring them to the Rec Hall. Lunches will then be autioned off to the gentlemen. When all Lunch boxes are auctioned off, the ladies that made lunches will come forward and have lunch with the gentleman that purchased their boxed lunch. Note
Ref. Go Play Mini Golf:
Note Mini Golf will be held at The Light House Mini Golf Park. Rte 202 Lebanon Me. Turn left on 202 off Depot Road. Park is on left hand side. Note
Ref. Masquerade Dance:
Note Try to dress in a costume and NOT be recognized. Prizes will be awarded for the Best Man and Woman costume. Note

Game Night Every Friday Night: hey there i am here in coat takingthe bus to whole that's the bus he aforementionedonly one way yea I asked him for twoand he said one yes yea i suppose youcan't buy him at this same time [Laughter] andlooks like that is it the bran castlehere within the village of name also calledthe Dracula castle but it's kind ofloosely associated with the Draculastory the fellow that the you recognize wholestory regarding Dracula Count Dracula isbased on is Vlad the Impaler and hemight have lived here at one point orwhatever it is not like this is thecastle that he you recognize stayed in forhis whole life or anythingthere ar various points around Romaniathat area unit related to the you knowthe whole story of Vlad the Impaler whowas a real guy a historical figure whoapparently pushed back the Turks theOttomans from invasive this area andtaking over which very well might havekept Europe from being invaded by theOttomans and taken over so he was aimportant guy though definitely not anice guy by the sounds of it the Impalerfor impaling his enemies so i am going tocheck out the city here simply a littlebit so head up and see the castlea very classic little village herewood-burning stove i suppose and stillsome snow left it had been

Acula person andthen mix that every one along with thelocal legendsand wrote the book Dracula that becamethe second hottest selling book inthe world when the Bible at the timethat it was written and then of courseyou recognize the films came out based mostly onthe book so the castle there was avery strategic castle at this point inthis vale to shield the world forcenturies and the whole Dracula story isjust reasonably a blip in its historyI guess vlad the impaler was actuallyraised in the town of and i'm planning tototally butcher the name on this onesiga sawara which is north of here andthat is where i am going nexttomorrow it's a smaller cities thanbrush-offI assume bigger than this city here butit looks extremely beautiful i will be able to gothere on the thanks to Cluj thena very little chapel hereand a far additional recently constructedchurch it looks like and a few like totempoles Wow obviously it isn't totem polesbut something similarall right i'm going to finish this videohere head back into city there catch thebus back to disregard and so tomorrowgoing to siga sawara once that to Clujand then flying somewhere new a newcountry my 54th country so tons morecoming Game Night Every Friday Night:

snowing a few daysago once I arrived in ignore and herewe are in tourist centralwell it looks like this can be the approach tothe castle thus head on in thus apparentlythere's a distinct castle it isactually kind of additional associated withthe Count Dracula story and also the showthe Bram Stoker's Dracula movie might havebeen additional based on that location and itis close to the border of Moldavia which is asmaller country between Balkan nation andUkraine and so it's in all probability kind ofmore for traveler purposes but this gotcalled The Count Dracula castle simply tokind of Center the story somewhere andbring people here certify issue outwhat acrossbran castle in order to fortify thestrategic complete personally since Romantimes the Teutonic Knights unsuitable inthe thirteenth century likely on thesite where the castle stands todaythis city was destroyed subsequentbattles fearing the baleful Turksequally insecure in relations with beganto build Citadel's at the borders of theHungarian Kingdom in order to secure thedefense of Transylvania control andsurveillance of the disapproval pass wasessential November in 1913 seventy seven the kingissued the birth document of bran castleQueen Maria of Balkan nation on Dec 291890 - she married him Ferdinand vonHall consumer and crown prince ofRomania      

all but thusmehow in London then he hadaccess to love historical documents thattalked concerning the history of this areaand therefore he became familiar with thehistory of this area and the legends ofVlad the Impaler and also varied localmyths of the culture of this regionwhich enclosed myths concerning strangesupernatural creatures and then they hadsuperstitions during this area about youknow if you do the incorrect things and youbecome this weird creature and thiscorresponds with the you know ideasabout vampires and how they avoid thesunlight and do not like garlic andonions and all this sort of stuff it'sactually primarily based within the like historicalrecord the traditions of this space andso Bram Stoker was a writer and helearned concerning this area and vlad and thestrange myths and he primarily mixedthem all at once and came up with thisbook concerning Dracula so the Draculastory may be a you know fictional story butit relies on true facts from this areaand so he simply kind of mixed togetherdifferent things totally different individualsprobably to form up the

Vlad the impaler's favorite torturemethod Wowthat's however he got his nickname and thusI'm attending to attempt to explain a number of whatI learned inside the castle there thevarious plaques within that had a lot ofinformation therefore this castle was built inthe late 1300s there was another onethat was built at an equivalent spot acentury before that but that wasdestroyed so this was built aroundlike 1377 Vlad the Impaler lived in the1400s and was a patrician so I guessbecame King and he ruled over this areakind of in conjunction with the Turks asI know it he like knew the cultureand the language and stuff and so atsome purpose he became critical them andwas concerned in you know fightingagainst them and pushing them backsomething like that that is simply kind ofthe general idea and as you could seethere then he had very brutal techniquesfor torturing his enemies that is a greatshot of the castle there what amonstrous Rock it's built onand so i'm progressing to a walk down the roadhere I saw some different ruins from upthere on like the other facet of theriver down the road a bit bit and soI'm going to a crush there and justtake a glance at what is there and thenexplain a touch bit more herethe magic restaurant so there is a littlebridge right there over the riverand so author was a person United Nations agency wasborn in Irish capital Ireland in 1847 and heended up moving to London and becominginvolved with the theatre there and hebecame a otter and he's the author ofthe book Dracula he ne'er actuallyvisited this area here of jap Europeat

Game Night Every Friday Night: Text1

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