Guide to Making Your Own American (US) Visa

The process begins with creating an account first and selecting an interview schedule then making a payment (Electronic Funds Transfer). Note / Save virtual numbers to schedule interviews and also to make payments via transfer.

Guide to Making Your Own American (US) Visa
Guide to Making Your Own American (US) Visa
  1. Paying for the fee for a non-immigrant visa, for a tourist visa is USD 160. Make sure to see the USD rate when you want to pay, because it often changes. Confused right if it turns out that the money is lacking because of the exchange rate?
  2. Complete the Non-Immigrant Electronic Visa (DS-160) Application completely.
  3. Make a schedule of interviews online, because for interviews must make a schedule in advance not just come just like that.
  4. Collect the documents that will be taken during the interview, and make sure all the requirements are complete.
  5. Come to the American (US) Embassy with the Non-Immigrant Electronic Visa Application (DS-160), interview schedule confirmation page, one recent photo (Photos made no more than the last 6 months), valid passport and all passports long if there is, and all the document documents needed in accordance with the visa category are friends of the traveler.

Procedure for how to pay for American visas

  1. Payment of American visa fees is carried out individually. Cannot combine payments for family or group in one proof of payment.
  2. Do not pay for additional fees at the Bank.
  3. The amount of payment displayed in the list of visa fees in dollars but when payment is in the form of your country’s currency.
  4. Do not make payments at other banks, payments can only be made to banks officially appointed by the United States Embassy.
  5. Diplomatic passport holders who will submit any type of visa application, and type A, G, C-3, NATO and J visa applicants (only for offices that officially participate in exchange programs sponsored by the US Government), do not need to pay or free .

List of Latest American Visa Fees

Harga (USD)Tipe VisaDeskripsi
$160DShip/Airline Crew
$160FStudent (academic)
$160IJournalist and Media
$160JExchange Visitors
$160MStudent (vocational)
$160TVictim of Human Trafficking
$160TN/TDNAFTA Professionals
$160UVictim of Criminal Activity
$190HTemporary/Seasonal Workers and Employment, Trainees
$190LIntracompany Transferees
$190OPersons with Extraordinary Ability
$190PAthletes. Artists & Entertainers
$190QInternational Cultural Exchange
$190RReligious Worker
$265KFiancé(e) or Spouse of U.S. Citizen
$205ETreaty Trader/Investor, Australian Professional Specialty

Fill out the Online Non-Immigrant (DS-160) Visa Application Online

Mengisi secara online Aplikasi Visa Elektronik (DS-160). Setelah selesai, cetak lembar halaman konfirmasi yang harus dibawa pada saat teman – teman wawancara. Halaman konfirmasi DS-160 harus dicetak di kertas ukuran surat atau A4 dengan format portrait di printer dengan resolusi tinggi, dengan demikian staf Kedutaan dapat memindai (men-scan) barcode pada jadwal wawancara anda.

During filling out the DS-160 application online, please always save data to your friends’ computers. Fill in all the necessary and complete information, including choosing the appropriate type of non-immigrant visa. DS-160 application friends will be checked by the Embassy staff when friends come for interviews.

If the DS-160 application is incomplete, or in filling it there are more than two errors in information, then the schedule for interviewing friends will be delayed, right? Friends cannot correct or fill out additional information on the DS-160 application at the US Embassy. Follow the following suggestions to avoid writing errors that often occur:

In writing your passport number, DO NOT give a space or distance between letters and numbers. The passport number must be written as R000000, DO NOT R 000000 (note the distance error in the letter).
Use the dropdown menu for city writing where your passport is published completely / correctly, as written in the passport, for example: Central Jakarta or Soekarno Hatta, NOT Jakarta.
Choose the type of visa that is appropriate / correct, for example: if you want to apply for a student visa, friends must choose F1. Look at the page on the type of non-immigrant visa.
Friends must write if you have been refused a visa before.
If requested, please complete all the educational history of your friends. Write down all information about education that your friends attended, starting from high school, to the last education.

Arrange an American Visa Interview Schedule

If you renew your visa, you may be eligible for the program without an interview and do not need to be present directly for the interview. please read about the No Interview Program to determine if you are eligible. Interview time is available every weekday at 07.00 and 09:00 except for a number of American and Indonesian national holidays.

Login to the system schedule our online interview at to schedule an interview, by clicking the “Go to Schedule Appointment” section and follow the instructions on the site.

Schedule interviews for each visa applicant, including children.
Non-immigrant visa applicants under the age of 14 years or over 80 years old do not need to come for an interview. Direct family (parent, husband / wife, or child) can represent the submission of application and passport. Other people who do not apply and do not represent the family immediately will be refused entry for reasons of space and security.
Submit your visa application early. We strive to shorten the waiting time for interviews, but sometimes longer when the holiday season. We recommend that the applicant submit at least 30 days before the scheduled departure to America, so that the applicant can receive their visa well before planning a trip to America.
Print the interview schedule confirmation sheet and take it at the interview.

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